High Waterproof, Moisture-proof And Breathable Fabric

- Apr 17, 2020-

High waterproof, moisture-proof and breathable fabric

1) Coating method: Also known as solidified coating, it refers to the use of DMF (dimethylformamide) to dissolve polyurethane (PU) into a solution on the base fabric, immersed in non-solvent-water, due to the miscibility of water and DMF solvent It has no affinity with PU resin, so water can replace DMF in the wet coating film and reduce its concentration. After drying at a certain temperature, the solvent evaporates and the dissolved polyurethane (PU) will condense to form Microporous membrane. Thereby preventing water from passing and allowing water vapor to pass through.

2) Composite method: refers to a micro-porous film or a hydrophilic non-porous film with waterproof and moisture permeability function, which is combined with the fabric through a special adhesive to form a vapor-proof fabric. : Microporous PTFE membrane (polytetrafluoroethylene membrane), hydrophilic polyurethane nonporous or microporous TPU membrane, hydrophilic polyester polyether copolymer nonporous TPU membrane.