Let's First Understand What Is Spandex Fabric

- Apr 09, 2020-

Let's first understand what is spandex fabric

 Spandex is the abbreviation of polyurethane fiber and is an elastic fiber. Spandex generally consists of multiple filaments. In the production of Spandex, special attention should be paid to the winding tension, the count on the tube, the breaking strength, the elongation at break, the forming degree, the amount of oil adhesion, the elastic recovery rate, etc. These problems directly affect the knitting, especially knitting production One-sided cloth should pay more attention.

Spandex is translated as "Spandex", is an elastic fiber, scientific name polyurethane fiber (Polyurethane), abbreviated (PU). It is called "spandex" in China. It has a high degree of elasticity and can be stretched 6 to 7 times, but can quickly return to its original state with the disappearance of tension. Its molecular structure is a chain-like, soft and extensible polymer Carbamates enhance their properties by being linked to hard segments. Polyester elastic fibers are strong in oxidation resistance and oil resistance; polyether elastic fibers are mildew resistant and good in detergent resistance.

      Spandex is generally not used alone, but is incorporated into fabrics in small amounts. This kind of fiber has both rubber properties and fiber properties. Most of them are used for core-spun yarns with spandex as core yarns, called elastic core-spun yarns. The main characteristics of this kind of yarns are that they can obtain good feel and appearance The outer fiber composed of natural fibers has good hygroscopicity; the second is that only 1-10% spandex filament can be used to produce high-quality elastic yarn; the third is the elastic percentage control range from 10% to 20%, according to the use of the product To select different elasticity values.