What Is Composite Fabric

- Apr 17, 2020-

What is composite fabric

The composite fabric is a high-grade functional fabric, which has the functions of wind and heat preservation, friction resistance, high waterproof, high water vapor permeability (SATRA), and acid and alkali resistance, especially TPU and PTFE composite fabrics with waterproof and moisture permeability. Ordinary waterproof vapor-permeable fabrics have more advantages such as soft feel, strong peeling fastness, and tear resistance. The main composite fabrics are:

(1) SATRA composite: two-layer composite: fabric + PU / TPU / PTF; three-layer composite: fabric + PU / TPU / PTFE + lining

(2) PVC compound: fabric + PVC

(3) Ordinary composite fabric: fabric + lining Features: high waterproof, steam and moisture permeable (SATRA), windproof and warm, anti-aging, anti-freezing, and anti-friction. Widely used in: mountaineering clothes, ski clothes, sailing clothes, golf clothes, military clothes, police clothes, field work clothes, etc.