What Material Should The Woman Underwear Choose Just Good

- Mar 06, 2020-

What material should the woman underwear choose just good

1. Pure cotton fabric

Pure cotton fabrics should be the underwear fabrics that everybody is familiar with, also be the highest market share. Because raw material cotton is pure natural plant, so pure cotton underwear already environmental protection comfortable, at the same time elastic index also is bar bar drop. And when wearing won't hair, lighter smooth muscle. Disadvantage is comfortable compared with silk quality, lycra, cotton fiber on a piece, hygroscopic, permeability also want to be poor on a piece, summer wear have sultry feeling.

2. The lycra

Fiber lycra is probably at present besides cotton, the most common underwear material, have handle, stretch is big still comfortable breathe freely a series of etc. By the way, here's a bonus for advanced cancer patients: the fabric is machine-washable. It can be said that lycra is basically the fabric without shortcomings, but the premise of using it is to blend with other fabrics, because it does not have the condition of separate woven fabrics.

Lace fabric

Lace fabric usually refers to the fabric that has embroidery, because it has the luxury feeling of elaborately carved and reflects the characteristic of romantic breath, when used as underwear fabric, still can add elegant and mysterious artistic effect for it. The biggest advantage that bud silk fabrics depends on appearance level, comfortable also is on in. Disadvantage is easy to hook silk, if the choice of inferior lace, also can appear the situation that pricks the skin.